Two tips to follow when fitting security screen doors fitted in your frail elderly parent's house

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If your elderly parent is quite frail, it's a good idea to make sure that their house is as secure as possible so that criminals cannot take advantage of their vulnerability. If in a bid to do this, you've offered to buy them some security screen doors, you should keep these tips in mind.

Pick ones made from strong but lightweight materials

Many homeowners who buy this type of security feature opt for security doors with heavy steel or wrought-iron frames. Whilst security screen doors made of these materials are undeniably robust and stylish and are suitable for many homes, they may not be the right choice for your elderly parent's house. The reason for this is as follows; due to how heavy screen doors with these frames are, your frail, ageing parent might have a hard time pulling them open and pushing them shut. This might result in them leaving them ajar sometimes (which might make it easier for someone to break in) or not bothering to leave the house some days because they cannot summon enough strength to open the doors.

As such, you must ensure that both the mesh and the frame that the security doors are made from lightweight-but-strong materials (like timber or aluminium) that even your physically-weak parent will be able to push and pull with ease.

Pick a security screen door with an in-built post box

It's also sensible to ensure that the security screen door you get for your parent's front door (i.e. the one to which post and parcels are delivered) has an opening and a post-box attached to that opening. The post-box should be on the inside of the screen door (i.e. the side closest to the exterior door it's in front of) so that your parent does not have to unlock the security door to access their post.

Doing this will ensure that whenever someone comes to the door with a parcel or letter, your parent won't have to unlock the security door to accept that item. This is important, as if in an attempt to get into your parent's house, a criminal poses as a delivery person, the absence of a post-box in the security door might result in your parent opening it and letting them in. If you get a door like this, you must make sure, when fitting it, that there is enough space between the screen door and the exterior door for the former's post box to fit.

To learn more about security screen doors, reach out to a local security company.

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