Two Tips to Follow When Fitting CCTV Cameras in Your Clothes Shop

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Here are two tips to follow when fitting CCTV cameras in your clothes shop.

Put some cameras near the changing room entrance

Whilst you cannot put any CCTV cameras inside your shop's changing rooms, you should put some near the entrance. The reason for this is that thieves who target clothes shops will often utilise the changing rooms to steal garments. They may, for example, take some items of clothing into these rooms, remove the tags, put the items on and then put their own coat or jacket over the stolen goods before emerging from the changing rooms. If you put cameras near the changing rooms' entrance, the footage they record should enable you to see if a person you suspect has stolen something has gone into the changing room with, for example, five items and has emerged with only three.

If they've put on some of the stolen garments, the CCTV cameras might also allow you to spot these items if, for instance, the stolen blouse is sticking out from underneath the thief's jacket or if it's hanging out of the backpack they've stuffed it into.

In short, putting cameras near the changing rooms could provide you with lots of helpful information if anyone steals items from your clothes shop. It will also mean that even if a thief enters the changing rooms when there are no staff or other witnesses, you'll still be able to gain information about the theft.

Ensure the cameras are placed close to the shop's ceiling

You should ensure that the cameras are placed close to your shop's ceiling. The reason for this is that in a clothes shop, thieves could potentially try to toss garments over the CCTV cameras to cover their lenses before they proceed to steal the garments they want. Whilst you might think that your staff would notice immediately if someone did this, it might actually take them a while to see the covered camera if they're busy or are at the other end of the shop. As such, it's important to put these cameras at a height that will make it hard for thieves to do this.  

Putting the cameras at a height will also mean that they'll provide a wider view of the shop floor than if they were closer to it; this is worth noting because if there are any blind spots within your CCTV system, thieves could take advantage of these spots by stealing garments that are on display within them, as they know the cameras won't record them whilst they do this.

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